Oublie pas la nuit (2016)

On a Saturday night, Manon, Dana, Daisy, Lorenzo, Julien, Emma, Alexis and Oscar are getting ready to go out for an evening almost like the others. From strange encounters to improvised meetings, from austere apartments to poorly lit streets, they wander in the night until Sunday morning.

For Oublie pas la nuit (Don’t forget the night), his first movie, Rodrigue Fondeviolle gets his inspiration from his friends and memories of night situations to recreate the atmosphere of evenings spent in the streets of the city, consisting of micro-events and rehearsals, hesitant games and boredom to dispel, carried by the complicity of a casting that often plays scenes already experienced and the dreamlike appearances of the singer Marie France and Djemila Khelfa, both muses of the Parisian nights.